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I love painting, its my moment of freedom.
I show my thoughts on canvass to express moods and share them with everyone.

I use colors, but also materials I can find everywhere, from food to ash and earth. Blue is my preferred color because is my childhood through the Tuscan islands and is my unforgettable sea sails.

After a good truffle hunting, with my spirit full of nature and flavor, I start a new adventure In the truffle house between colors and inspiration, knowing exactly when I start but never knowing when my adventure will end on each canvas.
See Our Pictures in The Truffle Photo Gallery.

I love my job and every new day Im ready to share my passion for truffles and wines with everybody that come to visit me!
Giulio The Truffle Hunter
      Giulio Benuzzi - Truffle license number 12270

P.IVA 06264730489

Via di Terzano 34/bis, 50012 Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, Italy

Tel/Fax: +39 334 7234689, WEB: www.giuliothetrufflehunter.com, E-mail: info@giuliothetrufflehunter.com  

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