Giulio Benuzzi was born in Turin in 1963 and after completing his degree at the European School of Varese,he worked in the food market since 1986 becoming manager/director of the famous restaurant e Api in Milan until 1995. In 1996 he opened a little Bed and Breakfast in the South hill of Florence that became a meeting point for lots of American food and wines lovers. Giulio decided to create a selection of authentic daily food experiences to satisfy all the the visitors requests. 

In 1999 he met a truffle hunter that became his best friend and teacher. The truffles world became his passion and in 2003 passed the exam obtaining the Italian truffle license. From 2005 he spent his daily time in the research of the black and white truffle all around Tuscany.

In the beginning of 2009 he became the official truffle hunter of a Florence tour operator specialized in daily wine and food experiences and with his truffle dog, Eda, he can satisfy all the truffle hunting requests that could be planned in his Tuscan farmhouse named today the truffle house.Giulio is member, since 2009, of the Tuscan truffle association called Associazione Tartufai delle Colline della Bassa Valdelsa and also member of the Florentine Slow food association.




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