Life with truffles


"Just like almost every day, I wake up very early, it is a quarter to six on a cool spring morning And I’m at home in the hill of Bagno a Ripoli above Florence, which is visible in the distance from the garden.

The renaissance is right there before my eyes, and the Brunelleschi’s Duomo appears to me in its sleepy morning splendor through the crisp, clear air. Dawn is arriving and Edda, my inseparable truffle dog Is already anxious for her coffee, a tiny little vice that I grant her each morning.

It is just a drop off course, and always with a least two truffle shavings. Even dogs trained for work like Edda, can tell you that truffles are a delicacy and love to eat them. Edda she is very good at hunting for truffles!

At first I did not understand her but now after years we understand each other with gestures, sounds and calls. What I did not say was how fortunate I’m to live just one hundred metres from the beginning of this wonderful wooded area that stretches over most the territory of my hill. Somebody ask me  why my truffle experience are so special and unique?

 As every single day I really share my life for truffles with the daily visitors, with the same love and passion that I have since 1999 when everything start!"





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